Our nation faces serious problems. The soul of our nation is being eroded. The problems we face are not political but spiritual at their core. Therefore, the solution is not political but spiritual.

The problem is caused by us, who have moved away from values which we used to hold in high esteem in our community. We face problems that are as difficult because it’s mind boggling for our nation and community. We face problems today that a quarter century ago would be unheard of. The use of drugs are rampant and out of control. We make up 7% of the world’s population and we consume over 90% of illegal drugs. It gets worse. We are face with same sex marriage, abortion as a means of birth control, and almost daily a child is arrested for some type of crime. Every minute a baby is born to an unmarried mother and because of this a baby is born into poverty. To say the least, a baby born to a teenage mother is one without health insurance. Regretfully of all, every two minutes a baby is aborted.

The Bible states in Micah what will happen in the last days. Micah 7:3 states “that they may successfully do evil with both hands, the prince asks for gifts, the judge seeks a bribe, and the great man utters his evil desires, so they scheme together.” And Micah 7:6 states, “for son dishonors father, daughter rises against her mother, daughter-in-law is against mother-in-law. A man’s enemies are the men (members) of his own household.”

So the family is in crisis because we have forsaken God. And the question is asked -- “Where have the fathers gone?” The father should command a high position in the family. Exodus 20:12 says “Honor your father and mother which is the first commandment with promise.” Along with the position of honor as head of the family, the father is expected to assume certain responsibilities, which can be classified into three categories: spiritually, socially, and economically. Father is responsible for the spiritual well-being of the family. He continues to be the religious leader in the family. This involves the training of the children in Godliness (Exodus 12:3, Ephesians 6:4). Socially, a father is responsible to see that no one takes advantage of any member of his family. Economically, the father must provide for members of his family. (Proverbs 6:6-11)

We as Christian have a responsibility to teach our children the value of Biblical family relationship. Ephesians 2:19 says you are members of God’s very own family, citizens of God’s country and we belong to God’s household with every other Christian. God’s family is the church of the living God and the pillar of the foundation of the truth. Remember Ephesians 6:12 which says “for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the ruler of darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Finally, the Bible says we are put together, joined together, heirs together and one day, if we are faithful to our family, we will be caught up together and we will belong to each other for eternity.

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