The Silver Spur Tack, Feed and Western Wear store, located on West Madison, was broken into on the night of Feb. 7, with no more than $22 in change taken by the burglar's, according to the store's co-owner Cheryl Smith. Smith said the store's alarm sounded at 3:45 a.m. Wednesday night, alerting her and the authorities of a possible break-in.

"When the cops got here, they [burglar's] had already gone," Smith said.

According to the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office incident report, Lt. Mike Smith, Cpl. Clifton Island and deputy Jonathon Overton arrived to find the front glass door of the business broken out with a brick.

"I entered the business to check for suspects, but was unable to locate anyone inside," Overton wrote. "I spoke with the business owners Cheryl Smith and Debbie Lester who stated the only thing they could see missing was, the cash drawers to the registers."

In addition to the Silver Spur burglary, several residential and business burglaries have been taking place around the parish in the new year, according to Sheriff Mike Tubbs and Chief Downey Black.

"We had a burglary last week on Cherry Ridge Road that detectives are working on," Tubbs said. "A laptop was taken."

Nine juveniles were arrested toward the end of last month in connection with a burglary on Jan. 26 at Bastrop Feed and Seed, according to Black.

"We think they're involved in some recent residential burglaries as well," Black said.

Smith said she thinks her store was burglarized by juveniles also.

"We have a safety film over glass that makes up the front door," she said. "If it's hit, it doesn't shatter as bad. Because of this protective film, the burglar's had to hit it several times and the only opening it made was very small. Only a child could fit through that."

Smith said the store was not vandalized and she feels the alarm sounding, discouraged them from taking more than the register drawers.

"We're thankful for the alarm, but there will be video surveillance here within the next few weeks," she said. "This is the second time we've been robbed since October. They took considerably a lot more then."

Authorities are still investigating this crime. Overton wrote on the report that he took all evidence and placed it in the radio room for C.I.D. (Crime Investigation Department.) He wrote that he had forwarded the report to C.I.D. for review as well.