Nine Bastrop juveniles were arrested recently for burglaries that have been taking place in the community, both residential and business, according to chief Downey Black.
Black said six were arrested on Jan. 27 and charged with simple burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary and curfew violation. He also stated three more were arrested on Jan. 30.
“Two of those three were charged with two counts of burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, theft, criminal trespassing and criminal damage to property,” Black said. “The other one was charged with simple burglary and conspiracy to commit burglary.”

Bastrop Feed and Seed owner Joe Petrus said he was robbed by six juveniles on Jan. 26.

"They did damage to the door, broke out the glass on a knife case and broke out the office window with a gum ball machine," Petrus said. "The office window was 3/8 of an inch thick."

Petrus said they caught the thief's on video.

"They walked around the store with back packs, putting in them whatever they wanted," he said. "We're still not sure what all they took."

Petrus said he knows they stole 12 boxes of horse wormer, dog collars, dog leashes and three or four cans of roach spray.

"They took two 50 pound bags of dog food too," he said. "Imagine walking with that."

Petrus said out of everything they took, he was out of pocket more on the damages that were done to the store.

"We had everything repaired and replace by the next evening," he said.

Petrus said he was relieved when the Bastrop Police Department told him they had caught the juveniles who committed the burglary.

"The police told me the way they caught them," Petrus said. "A resident heard a gun shot and called the police. When the police rode by, they tried to stop the kids who were walking, to ask them if they'd seen anything. The kids ran. One of them couldn't keep up and he was caught. Supposedly he gave up the others."

Black said the children will now go to juvenile court and face a judge.

"If they're found guilty, there's always the possibility could face jail," Black said. "Of course it would be in a juvenile facility."