Here we are preparing for the 2013 RFL in Morehouse Parish. I am blessed to return this year to see this event take place. Last year as we started putting the Relay back together I had just completed my last chemo treatment and begun my first of 36 Radiation treatments.

I had been diagnosed in July 2011 with Stage III Breast Cancer which had spread into my lymph nodes. Three weeks after my diagnosis I lost my fiancé Steve Andrews to Prostate Cancer at the age of 51. In Feb. 2012 on the last day of my Radiation Treatments we learned my mother Brenda Lee had Stage IV Breast Cancer. She recently lost her battle January 5th 2013 at the age of 72. Cancer was once a word I heard that affected other peoples lives. In 2008 Cancer became a way of life that has lasted for over 4 1/2 years for my family and I invading every breath of every day. Ending maintenance treatments last August. I have been cancer free. One week after burying my mother I had to have yet another biopsy due suspicious findings. I found myself full of fear as we awaited the results. I wondered if I would once again hear the words Cancer Free. So many have never heard these words, nor will they ever.What a relief I felt to hear my biopsy was negative. A year plus of treatments and testing saved my life. Research has saved my life. For many research had not come far enough to save their lives. I carry a burden each day for those that have lost their battle. It is this reason I RELAY. For the future of many, for HOPE and for those who cannot fight any longer. It is my dream that one day no one will have to feel the pain of loosing a loved one to cancer. One day no one will have to hear the words that they cancer. One day no one will have to know what if feels like to sit in a chair and have to tolerate chemo, radiation or the side effects that come. One day no one will have to know how it is to live from one scan to the next. Through trail and error, sacrifice and research, one day we will all live in a Cancer Free world. I RELAY for you because my story could become your story or someone you love. Last year our community joined forces and rallied together as one for a great cause. Last year Morehouse Parish made a difference in the fight for a cure. I once again reach out to each of you to do your part in some way. Donate, join a team or attend the Relay on April 19th at the Bastrop High Football Field. My name is Teri Lee, I know how it feels to fight the GIANT. For now I have won my battle. I'm stronger because I had to be. I'm happier because cancer showed me what matters. I stand tall because I AM A SURVIVOR! Above all I give the glory to GOD. My team is Teri's Warriors and Heroes. Our theme is "Can't Get No Satisfaction Till a Cure". HOPE to see you there. Make a difference and save lives!