Morehouse Parish schools lost their 4-H Youth Development Agent, Jennifer Moran, last year when she moved to West Carroll Parish to be closer to her family, but the pledge to “find some one just as good to replace her” that LSU Ag Center extension agent Terry Erwin offered in May, is showing to be a solid commitment.

Lauren Edwards will be replacing Moran by carrying out her former day-to-day activities in 4-H schools for students ages nine to 19, but Edwards will carry a different title than Moran. Edwards is now the assistant extension agent.

Currently living in Monroe, she wants to get familiar with a community before initiating 4-H activities.

“I'll be taking on the same role at Jennifer,” Edwards said. “The first thing I need to do is get to know everyone and see what Morehouse Parish is all about, before I go and change anything.”

Edwards is from Vermillion Parish, where she was an active 4-H member herself. For the past year and a half she lived and worked in Little Rock, where she met her husband, Alex Edwards.

“My husband started working at ULM on May 20, 2012. We were married on Dec. 29, 2012, and I started working here on Jan. 15,” she said. “Everything has just seemed to happened all at once.”

Erwin agreed that Edwards was experiencing a lot of life changes, in an email sent out to all the LSU Ag Center employees, but he feels confident she'll be fine.

“Lauren is embarking on several new journeys a the same time - a new husband, new job and new home,” Erwin stated. “We are very pleased to have her on board and I know you all will maker her feel part of the Extension family.”

Erwin said choosing Edwards was difficult because she “stood in line with some highly trained individuals who all could have qualified as replacements.” Former agent Moran is also optimistic about the choice to replace her.

“I miss Morehouse Parish so much, but I have a good feeling about Lauren,” Moran said. “I'm coming to back about four days out of the month to train her and show her the ropes.”

Edwards received her bachelor's in Family and Consumer Science (Child, Family and Social Services) from Nicholls State University. She received her master's from North Carolina State University in Ext4ension Education. While living in Ark., she served as the Volunteer Coordinator for Camp Aldersgate.

At the age of 25, Edwards feels confident and prepared to serve as the new 4-H agent for Morehouse Parish schools.

“I want to spend the rest of this year observing everything and everyone,” she said. “Then, I'm going to start the next school year fresh and promote all the opportunities that 4-H has to offer.”