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A Quiet Celebration
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Have you ever noticed how some birthdays are simply more (or less, as the case may be) spectacular than others?
Today was my birthday, and truly, I think it must have been the most low-key unremarkable birthday Iíve ever experienced. It was quiet and peaceful. There was no party, no fanfare, no cake and candles, no gaily-wrapped gifts. The day was an exercise in appreciating small pleasures.
Several friends at my gym, Dynamic Dimensions, wished me a happy birthday this morning. Ms. Johnnie made me my favorite smoothie, a Berry Delite. My mom called. The sun was shining and it was warm enough to open the windows. I received some good news about a writing contest I had entered. The postlady brought a few birthday cards. And a Netflix movie. My husband made dinner and cleaned the kitchen. And no birthday girl could ever feel forgotten with all those Facebook friends! It was a pleasant day.
While the day may be over, the birthday has a ways to go. I have several breakfast and lunch dates with friends coming up. Itís not a birth-day, itís a birth-week, right!

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