This week Catholic schools across the nation, made a point to stand out and boast on their
schools, which don't follow the same rules as a typical public schools. primarily when it comes to acknowledging prayer in the learning establishments. As a way to honor the schools, this week is being recognized as Catholic School Week in schools across the nation.

CSW is an annual celebration of the role that Catholic elementary and secondary schools play in providing a values-added education, according to the Transfiguration Schools website. This week celebrates education for children, touching on both a secular and Christian life.

Since the closing of Bastrop's Catholic school,. St. Joseph, in 2004,, Morehouse Parish's Catholic students are attending Catholic schools in Monroe. Eighteen Morehouse Parish students attend Jesus the Good Shepard, grades pre-k (three years old – 6th grade), in Monroe. The office secretary Sue Blackford said three of their students live in Oak Ridge, one lives in Collinston, 11 live in Bastrop and three in Mer Rouge.

JGS principal Lisa Patrick is proud their facility, which housed an education for her children, ad they had raised children together can offer students a safe learning environment, that acknowledges Christ through prayer daily. As a self proclaimed cradle Catholic, Tarver has raised her own children in Catholic schools.

"This week is a great way to get the word out there about this little gem we have here," Patrick said. "This is a time to celebrate the beauty of Catholic schools."

The week prior to CSW, students were give a calendar of events that listed all the activities scheduled. Some of their activities included dressing in their favorite Saints clothes on Monday, Hoops for Hunger on Wednesday, which consisted of a basketball shoot among Priest.

On Tuesday, all the Catholic Schools in Ouachita Parish attended a morning mass. JGS third grader Vince Vereeen, of Bastrop, said making living rosary was his favorite part.

"I love my school," Vereen said. "I love my teaches and our school busses. We have seat belts."

Dr. Daniel Trejo practices family medicine, general practice and obstetrics & gynecology at his office in Bastrop. He and his wife, Olga, live in Bastrop. where they've raised six children with a Catholic background.

"I've always know that was a high priority," Olga said. "More importantly, they're getting a spiritual aspect. Here, they pray all he time. They pray before assemblies. They pray before meetings, they pray before games. They pray all the time, and honestly, children like to pray."

Fourth Judicial judge Danny Ellender and his wife Amy also live in Mer Rouge with their six children, two who are away at college. attend JGS in Monroe.

"Two of our children attend Good Shepard and two go to St. Frederick." Danny said. "Being Catholic is important tot us.We want our children to know that aspect, and have a scriptural element, while getting an education."