The Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office began making arrests Friday, which official said could bring an end to the long stretch of copper wire thefts in the parish.
“Our investigators have been working on these thefts for some time now,” Morehouse Parish Mike Tubbs said. “This goes back at least a year.”
Harvey Ramshur III, of 825 Cleveland St., was arrested Friday in connection with multiple copper wire thefts in Morehouse Parish, according to an affidavit. The report indicates that Ramshur admitted to taking copper wire from power poles in the parish and on Wheeler Road. The affidavit stated that Ramshur confessed his involvement in the multiple thefts dated back to October 2011.

Investigators also arrested Brian Griffis, 712 Snyder Ave., on Monday. An affidavit in the case indicated that Griffis said he went to Wheeler Road and parked Ramshur's truck on a pipeline where the two men cut and rolled up copper wire from the power poles,. He then stated they took the wire to Ramshur's mother's house and sold the wire to a scrap yard the following day.

"Investigators uncovered a large amount of copper wire at the scrap yard shortly after the theft," Tubbs said.

Tubbs said this investigation will continue with more arrests possibly pending. The investigators working the case are Inv. Brian Rainbolt, Inv. Mitchell Jesselink and Sgt. Libby Brixey.

"These investigators have put in a lot of hours in solving this," Tubbs said. "All together, the copper thefts over this past year have totaled in an excess of $100,000. Hopefully this will put a stop to all these thefts. I know it's cost Northeast Power a lot of money in both man hours and equipment."

Both men were arrested and charged with felony theft and booked in at the Morehouse Parish Jail.