The U.S. Army visited Bastrop High Thursday and let the students see a terrifying hypothetical future, in the year 2032. They saw what it would be like if the world were under attack by highly technologically advanced terrorist, and what the U.S. Army would do to retaliate.

The encounter was made possible by walking through three simulated chambers in the Army's STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) Experience, a $2.7 million motor bus.

The students first entered a briefing area surrounded by video screens showing fictional news clips from the world. The next room allowed the students to join a team of soldiers and scientists to analyze the factors you face in the scenario. In room three, they used an interactive screen to build a solution.

This experience showed the students another side of the Army they would not get to see anywhere else, according to SFC Daniel Adam.

“This is the only vehicle like this in the world,” Adam said. “We take it all over he country nine months out of the year. We go mostly to high schools and colleges. Anywhere that they deal with science and technology.”

BHS Army Instructor Steve Jesselink said the STEM Experience showed the students how the army could provide them with “life long skills.”

“These men are here today, showing the students a different avenue they can take after high school,” Jesselink said.

Adam said the Army offers more than just “bullets, tanks and bombs,” when it comes to choosing a career.

“There Army has 150 jobs,” he said. “Out of those, 136 are easily transferrable to the civilian world. If you don't know what you want to do with your future, come see us and we can show you all the opportunities available.”