Four Quarters with Jasmyne Washington

Jasmyne Washington has evolved into one of the Sterlington Lady Panthers' most improved players this season.

“Jasmyne has been a big surprise offensively this year and has been able to contribute a good number of points each game,” Sterlington coach Darlene Eubanks said.

A 5-4 senior who can play guard or forward, Washington is averaging 7 points and 3.5 rebounds per game.

Washington's scoring has been a bonus. Throughout her career, she has utilized her quickness to cause problems defensively.

“Jasmyne is almost too quick for her own good, sometimes,” Eubanks laughed.

Washington and Lacy Bagbey are the only seniors on the Lady Panthers' youth-laden roster.

“Both of our seniors are very similar,” said Eubanks, who also coaches Washington and Bagbey in track. “They both smile a lot and have a pleasant demeanor, but they're very competitive. They've both been a pleasure to work with and coach.”


NOWN: When did you start playing basketball?

Jasmyne Washington: I started playing rec basketball in the sixth grade when I was living in Georgia.

NOWN: What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of basketball?

Washington: My favorite part is when we win.
My least favorite is the things that are required to prepare to win, like the running.

NOWN: Did growing up playing against your two older brothers (James and Quintarious) make you a better basketball player?

Washington:  Playing against my brothers helped me learn to play more physical. They didn't want their little sister beating them, so they played pretty rough.


NOWN: What are the Lady Panthers' strengths and weaknesses?

Washington:  Our strength is our ability to screen and set each other up for a good shot.

I feel like our weakness is our attitudes, sometimes. We don't always work together.

NOWN: What is the biggest improvement you have made since your freshman year?

Washington:  I can dribble with my head up. I used to not be able to do that.

NOWN: Which of your teammates has made the biggest improvement since the beginning of the season?

Washington:  Kenesha Carr, a freshman. She's made a lot of improvement, offensively and defensively.


NOWN: Do you have a pregame ritual?

Washington:  I like to get off to a quiet place by myself and sit down and think about what I need to do.

NOWN: What are your goals for the remainder of the season?

Washington:  I just want to become a better basketball player and I want us to make it to state.

NOWN: What are you going to miss the most about playing high school basketball?

Washington:  I'm going to miss the way we pump each other up before a game and the little pep talks we give each other.

NOWN: What sport would you like to try?

Washington:  Volleyball. It just looks like it would be fun.


NOWN: What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

Washington:  I think people would be surprised to know that I like country music.

NOWN: What do you like best about attending Sterlington High?

Washington:  You know everyone.

NOWN: What are your future plans?

Washington:  I plan on going to college at Southeastern — I have a visit set up there for the end of
February — and becoming a physical therapist.

NOWN: How did you become interested in physical therapy?

Washington:  Because I like to help people.