Corners & Crosses with Carlos Shaw

Carlos Shaw was among the group to show up when Bastrop High began holding soccer drills at the end of the 2010 school year to gauge interest in the sport.

Bastrop went through with its plans to start a soccer program and Shaw has rarely missed a practice.

"Carlos has a good attitude and gives 100 percent," Bastrop coach Joey Toncrey said. "Even at the end of the game when everybody's tired, you can tell he's giving everything he has.

"Carlos is always respectful. He never gives you any problems."

Like the majority of his teammates, Shaw had no prior soccer experience prior to coming out for the team. His motive for playing soccer was different than most of his teammates. Shaw saw the sport as an opportunity to shed some weight and has since trimmed down to 225 pounds.

"Carlos is in a lot better shape than when we first started," Toncrey said.

Shaw has spent most of the past two seasons at left fullback, but filled in at goalie earlier in the year until Cade Cantrell reported from football.

"Carlos played pretty well at goalie," Toncrey said. "He's played real well at fullback. He does a good job of clearing the ball and stopping the offense from making progress."

An accomplished trombone player, Shaw plans to attend college on a band scholarship.


BDE: When did you start playing soccer?

Carlos Shaw: Last year, when it was established as a sport at Bastrop High. I had never kicked a soccer ball before then.

BDE: Why did you decide to play?

Shaw: I wanted to lose some weight. I don't know what I weighed at the time, but I've lost a considerable amount of weight and picked up some muscle.

BDE: What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of soccer?

Shaw: My favorite part is being on the field and playing the game.

My least favorite part is the punishment work.

BDE: What is the biggest improvement you have made over the past two years?

Shaw: My speed and footwork are better. When I started out, I was pretty slow.

BDE: How much improvement has the team made over the past two seasons?

Shaw: We've gotten considerably better. We haven't won any games, but we're scoring some goals.

BDE: What has been the most challenging part of starting a program from scratch?

Shaw: The criticism. People expect wins all the time without understanding all the work that goes into it.

BDE: What's it going to take to build a competitive soccer program at Bastrop High?

Shaw: We need a youth soccer program so we can have more people wanting to play soccer by the time they get to high school.


BDE: How much has having home matches this season meant to the program?

Shaw: It's given our fans — the ones paying attention — a chance to come out and see what we're doing. They may not have an understanding of what we're doing, but they can see the heart we are playing with.

BDE: What does Senior Night mean to you?

Shaw: It's the night the seniors will be recognized for what we've done and all of our accomplishments.

It's our last game, so we want to make it a special night.

BDE: What are you going to miss the most about playing high school soccer?

Shaw: It's been fun starting up a soccer program. I'm going to miss going to practice and being around my teammates every day. I have a lot of fun memories down here.

BDE: Now that soccer is almost over, how are you going to spend your free time?

Shaw: I just want to get some school work done and spend more time with my friends.

BDE: Tell us about your job at Sonic.

Shaw: Working at Sonic has its good days and bad days. All of the people are nice to work with. Some of the customers are friendly and some are not so friendly.

BDE: What has been the worst situation you have experienced in dealing with a customer?

Shaw: A customer had a big order and apparently we messed it up and I was the one taking it to her.
She showed an attitude with me and threw the bag out the window. Then she handed me the drinks. I was kind of glad she did because it was going through my mind that she threw the bag, so she might throw the drinks, too.

My manager was standing beside me talking to her when she threw the bag.

BDE: What are your future plans?

Shaw: I've been accepted by Louisiana Tech and I'm also looking at ULM and UAM. I plan to major in computer engineering.