Formal charges were filed last week in the case of the murder and robbery of a 79-year-old Bastrop man.
Samuel D. Turner, 51, 8406 Spyker Road, Bastrop, and Cindy Ann Owens, 34, no address available, have been charged with second-degree murder and is being held without bond, according to information on file with the Morehouse Parish Fourth Judicial Court.

Turner and Owens were arrested shortly after the Nov. 29 attack on Billy McCready, who has been identified as Turner's ex-father-in-law.

According to court records, McCready's neighbor went to check on McCready shortly after 9 a.m. on Nov. 30. The neighbor reportedly found McCready dead in the house and called the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office.

The affidavit indicates that officers found signs of a struggle in the McCready home and that McCready's truck and wedding band were missing from the home.

Investigators questioned Turner soon after the murder and he allegedly confessed to "robbing and then killing" McCready. Turner also allegedly took officers to an unspecified location where they recovered at least one item taken from McCready's home.

Turner was jailed on Dec. 1 and three days later asked to talk to investigators again, according to the court records. During that interview, Turner reportedly told officers that Owens "took an active part in the planning, robbery and murder."

The court records do not indicate the manner of death but refers to "stab wounds." The affidavit does say that Turner "described details of the crime he said the two had committed together, including specific injuries inflicted on the victim by each suspect." The record goes on to state that Turner's statement is "consistent with evidence."

The affidavit concludes with the statement that Owens "did admit she and Turner had been together for some time smoking crack cocaine on the evening of the murder, but she denied involvement."

Early reports from Morehouse Parish officials indicate that Turner wanted to borrow money from McCready but, having already borrowed some money earlier in the day, feared McCready would turn him down.

Both Turner and Owens are being held without bond pending a bond hearing in the case.

Formal charges have yet to be filed on a third person in the case. Lamona Lowrey, 8406 Spyker Road, was charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly lying to police about Turner's whereabouts on the night of the murder.