The body discovered on Swan Lake Road Friday by Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office authorities has been identified as Julia Hong Vogel, a 36-year-old Asian-American, according to Sheriff Mike Tubbs.

Vogel's body was found after the MPSO received a phone call on the morning of Jan. 15 reporting a body in a ditch on this road in the south part of the Parish. After arriving at the scene, deputies were initially unable to confirm the victim's race, gender or cause of death.

Tubbs said they received the information on Vogel's identity late Friday evening.

"We used her fingerprints to identify her," he said. "We're not sure where she was living."

He said officials have spoken with her family to find out as much as they could about her.

"Her mother lives in California and her father lives in Virginia," he said. "We do know that she's lived in Amarillo, Texas, in the past."

Tubbs said Mills County Sheriff's report indicated that Vogel had been arrested on a warrant out of Amarillo, Texas, for being a fugitive from justice/probation violation. She was taken into custody at an Interstate 29 rest stop in Mills County and held without bond.

Tubbs said officers are asking the public for their help.

"We're putting her picture out there as much as possible," he said. "Anyone with knowledge about her, please contact the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office at 281-4141."