About Aneatria Watson

* Nickname: 'Nea.'

* Hobbies: Playing in the band, being with my friends and participating in activities at my church (New Morning Star MBC).

* Favorite sports memory: When I stole the ball from a girl at Neville

* Most embarrassing sports memory: We were playing Ruston last year and I went to kick the ball, but my foot went right over it and I fell.

Funniest sports memory: When my teammate, Niecie Bradshaw, did a sound effect when she kicked the ball. She went, 'Tooooom.'

Favorite athlete: LeBron James.

Favorite team: The Saints.

Sporting event I would most like to attend: The Super Bowl.

Favorite class: Math with Mrs. (Tammy) Ryder.

Favorite movie: 'Django.'

Favorite musical artist: Mary J Blige.

Favorite book: 'Pride & Prejudice.

Favorite place to shop: Burlington.

Pet peeve: Constant complaining.

If I could buy any vehicle I wanted, it would be: A Lamborghini.

One possession I couldn't live without: My trombone.

Career ambition: To be a business woman.