Beekman Junior High School will soon become Beekman Charter School.

Morehouse Parish School Board members officially approved the Beekman Charter School application with a 5-2 vote on Tuesday evening at the MPSB meeting.

Beekman Alumni and Friends treasurer and secretary Lisa Chain said the next few months will be "fast and furious" due to the amount of work and planning ahead for the charter board members.

Chain said the next step is to form a detailed plan of action, outline a timeline and begin the hiring processes for principal and faculty. In addition, the search for leasable modular buildings for the addition of a high school, beginning with ninth and tenth grade for the upcoming 2013-14 school year.

"This upcoming school year we plan on adding a ninth and tenth grade," Chain said. " So we will be very busy up until August."

Chain said the two members who voted against the Beekman Charter School application were District 2 school board member Louis Melton and District 7 school board member Robert Fenceroy.

Chain also said Kimberley Williams, a third party evaluator of the charter school, gave her recommendations to the school board as well.

"I was so nervous during the meeting," Chain said. "But we are all so happy now that we have been approved. "