Says he won't seek the Bastrop Mayor's Office

A likely 2013 mayoral candidate has retracted his former announcement for running after being asked about a federal tax lien against him.

The United States Department of Treasury- Internal Revenue Service filed a tax lien against Morehouse Parish Police Jury president Terry R. Matthews in the amount totaling $96,987.44.

Tuesday afternoon Matthews was contacted in regards to the tax lien and his mayoral plans, and he answered, “I assure you, I will not race. I retract that statement.”

Matthews said he announced his mayoral intentions to his church congregation on Sunday, January 6, and he was informed of the tax lien last week.

“I am trying to make payment plans with them now,” Matthews said.

As for the reason that he failed to pay the IRS, Matthews provided no comment.

The document file No. 234377 states that Matthews failed to pay 1040 federal taxes in the dates and amounts as followed: 2000, $18,305.04; 2001, $17,032.47; 2002, $19,653.87; 2003, $21,462.41; 2004, $20,271.17 and 2007, $262.48.

The official document was recorded and filed on November 20, 2012 at the Morehouse Parish Clerk of Court.