Another case of copper wire stolen from light poles was reported on Jan. 7 to the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office

The thefts occurred at three locations in Morehouse Parish and are as followed: Vaughn Road, Wheeler Road and Emma Montgomery Road.

According to the incident report, 3,600 feet of wire was stolen valuing approximately $8,000.

Morehouse Parish Sheriff Mike Tubbs said reports of copper wire thefts began in the parish in the Fall of 2011 and are costly to replace.

Tubbs said has beed authorized to make the maximum payment amount ($1,000) to any individual having information on the crimes.

“The perpetrator has to be knowledgable to do this and must have certain equipment to climb the poles,” Tubbs said. “He runs the risk of electrocution, serious injury or death. I have been following up on leads and with other cases outside the area.”

MPSO criminal chief deputy Brian Shoemaker said there have been no known witnesses at this time, but the thievery is believed to have occurred when it is dark.

“I don't know are they doing this without being seen,” Shoemaker said. “But it keeps happening.”

Individuals having information involving copper wire theft are urged to call the Morehouse Parish Crime Stoppers at 281-0050 or the MPSO at 281-4141.