As the holidays come to an end, Morehouse Parish residents are finding their wallets and bank accounts a little lighter, not only from purchasing gifts, but something more deceiving

Con artist are as active as ever, according to Chief Downey Black, with money scams that mislead citizens into taking their money, often having the unsuspecting victim send it to them, via account numbers on green dot money cards.

Black said a several residents employed at a local business, were text messaged Monday on their cell phones. The message read they were the recipient of new mercedes and the taxes on the vehicle needed to be paid before they could redeem it.

“The text told them to go to Wal Mart and get a green dot Visa card,” Black said. “They were then suppose to text back the account number on the card.”

Before Christmas, the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office told the Enterprise they were receiving a “flood” of phone calls from potential victims of money scams, via text messages, phone calls and even through gaming devices, such as xboxes. Tubbs said a popular scam at the time was threatening letters that told the victim they would lose their job if they didn't send money.

“I've been seeing these in every shape and form,” Tubbs said. “The best advice I can give someone is don't ever send anyone money for something you know nothing about.”

Black said they've been getting several phone calls from victims and potential victims.

“I want everyone know these con artist are just as diligent as ever,” he said. “We ask that everyone use caution when sending money to anyone, and never send it to someone you don't know.”