About Ethan Nobles:

Hobbies: Coon hunting, deer hunting and fishing. Favorite sports memory: My first fumble recovery against Claiborne. Most embarrassing sports memory: My freshman year, we were doing the Oklahoma drill in practice. I got tackled and coach (Joel) Boles ran over leg. He didn't realize he was on my leg and just sat there and everybody was laughing at me. Funniest sports memory: We were at a track meet last year at Riverfield. When the gun went off, my spikes got caught and I fell down. I got back up and came in third. If I could put my position coach (Reagan Morrison) through one drill, it would be: Oklahoma. Best player I have played against: Ryan Cothern, the running back from Tri-County. Favorite athlete: Drew Brees. Favorite teams: LSU and the Saints. Sporting event I would most like to attend: An LSU game. Favorite class: Biology II with coach (John Robert) Warner. Favorite movie: 'Wild Hogs.' Favorite musical artist: Justin Moore. Favorite food: Red beans & rice. Pet peeve: Lazy people. If I could buy any vehicle I wanted, it would be: A 2012 Chevy Silverado 1500. One possession I couldn't live without: My truck (a 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500). Career ambition: To be a game warden.