Below are the results from the 2012 West Louisiana Forestry Festival 4-H Pine Straw Bale Stacking competition. Teams are listed with the girls participants first, followed by the boys.

High School

-First place: Hornbeck, 2:40:00 (Harley Scerbo, Shyla Holton; Allen Beard, Josh Weaver);
-Second place: Evans, 2:43:00 (Kaylee Bass, Kaylyn McMahon; Travis Walker, Tony Garcia);
-Third place: Leesville, 3:04:00 (Kyla Haymon, Madison Merchant; Theron Westerchil, Landon Dowden);
-Fourth place: Hicks, 3:24:00 (Kaylee Busby, Molly Perry; Landen Pollock, Levi Underwood);
-Fifth place: Anacoco, 3:26:00 (Colleen Reese, Ashlie Dowden; Justin Gill, Nicholas Ortiz);
-Sixth place: Pickering, 6:33:00 (Kiley Bass, Shay Petty; Carson Brown, Tristan Lawrence);
-Seventh place: Rosepine (Bowen Farquhar, Coy Bailey).

Junior high

-First place: Leesville, 1:52:00 (Madison Merchant, Kyla Haymon; Theron Westerchil, Landon Dowden);
-Second place: Pitkin, 2:21:00 (Sadie Cooley, Tracey Gunter; Ty James, Brady Dauzat);
-Third place: Anacoco, 2:54:00 (Suzette Kuhlow, Gabriella Rangel; Steel Hedrick, Michael Borders);
-Fourth place: Evans, 3:04:00 (Katie Harvey, Kelsey Gill; Kirklin Henry, Hunter Smith);
-Fifth place: Simpson, 3:11:00 (Brenna Prewitt, Rachel Vance; Skyler Merriman, Quincy Richardson);
-Sixth place: Hicks, 3:20:00 (Marlania Downs, Kelly Jo Pollock; Trace Williams, Mitchell Kinchen);
-Seventh place: Pickering, 3:37:00 (Shay Petty, Kiley Bass; Carson Brown, Tristan Lawrence).


First place: Pitkin, 1:23:00 (Taylor Johnson, Olivia Johnson; Justin Ashworth, Hunter Lockhart);
-Second place: Hicks, 1:35:00 (Marlania Downs, Kelli Jo Pollock; Mitchell Kinchen, Trace Williams);
-Third place: Anacoco, 1:36:00 (Ellie McDonald, Joslyn Jernigan; Colby Wedgeworth, Jordan Martin);
-Fourth place: Pickering, 1:51:00 (Spring Atkins, Karlee Lawrence; Tyler Boycher, John David Reddin);
-Fifth place: Evans, 2:37:00 (Destiny Kay, Trinity Walker; Jeb Bass, Seth Robison).