Results from the 2012 West Louisiana Forestry Festival Woodsman Skills competition.

Team totals: First place, Evans; second place, Anacoco; third place, Hicks; fourth place, Pitkin; fifth place, Faith Training; sixth place, Hornbeck; seventh place, Pickering; eighth place, Leesville; ninth place, Rosepine and 10th place, Simpson.

Boy/boy crosscut: First place, Hornbeck (Peyton Arthur, Logan Hughes), 12.72 seconds; second place, Hicks (Ty Hilton, Aaron Turner), 13.56 seconds; third place, Pitkin (Jared Thompson, Grayson Singletary), 14.44 seconds; fourth place, Evans (Caleb Ramsey, Brandon Ellington), 14.78 seconds; fifth place, Pickering (Brennan Talbert, Colton Berzins), 16.06 seconds; sixth place, Anacoco (Josh Cecil, Jason Ortiz), 17.38 seconds; seventh place, Rosepine (Bowen Farquar, Jacobie Cooper), 20.47 seconds; eighth place, Faith Training (Caleb Reese, Zac Sellers), 21.62 seconds; ninth place, Leesville (Johnny Price, Matthew Hoecker), 97.67 seconds; 10th place, Simpson (Tristol Rickel, Jared Parker), no time).

Boy/girl crosscut: First place, Evans (Lucas Cates, Kylie Littleton), 10.96 seconds; second place, Hicks (Ty Hilton, Paige Riggleman), 14.31 seconds; third place, Faith Training (Zac Sellers, Emily Reese), 16.97 seconds; fourth place, Hornbeck (Logan Hughes, Miranda Roberts), 19.16 seconds; fifth place, Pitkin (Zach T./Payton Perkins), 22.91 seconds; sixth place, Anacoco (Josh Cecil, Ashlie Dowden), 24.34 seconds; seventh place, Pickering (Hunter Lawrence, Victoria Oros), 32.78 seconds; eighth place, Rosepine (Patrik Brown, Lynzy Pelt), 35.28 seconds; ninth place, Leesville (Johnny Price, Jenna Ely), 70.40 seconds; and 10th place, Simpson (Logan Stephens, Hailee Anding), 240.00 seconds.

Girl/girl crosscut: First place, Hicks (Lauren Wellman, Paige Riggleman), 15.75 seconds; second place, Evans (Kylee Cook, Shayla Nash), 21.88 seconds; third place, Pitkin (Ashton Perkins, Ashley Howard), 22.93 seconds; fourth place, Faith Training (Philly English, Emily Reese), 28.54 seconds; fifth place, Hornbeck (Miranda Roberts, Andrea Garrett), 32.72 seconds; sixth place, Anacoco (Ashlie Dowden, Colleen Reese), 33.16 seconds; seventh place, Pickering (Bailey LeBato, Victoria Oros), 42.37 seconds; eighth place, Leesville (Colleen Squyres, Chelsi Alexander), 97.41 seconds; and ninth place, Simpson (Josle Calcote, Megan Chelette), 300.00 seconds.

Boy/boy logroll: First place, Evans (Caleb Ramsey, Rob Blackmon), 27.25 seconds; second place, Hornbeck (Shane Hale, Evan Gentry), 30.66 seconds; third place, Anacoco (Bailey Dowden, Casey Haymon), 37.56 seconds; fourth place, Faith Training (Chris Willis, Bradley Goins), 43.88 seconds; fifth place, Pickering (Jacee Murray, Hunter Lawrence), 57.69 seconds; sixth place, Pitkin (Tyler Doyle, Grayson Singletary), 58.13 seconds; seventh place, Simpson (Cale Parker, Wayne Borton), 59.79 seconds; eighth place, Hicks (Landen Pollock, Nathan Underwood), 71.75 seconds; ninth place, Leesville (Sonny Pynes, Tanner Moore), 96.81 seconds; and 10th place, Rosepine (Coy Bailey, Joseph Calcote), 97.18 seconds.

Boy/girl log roll: First place, Anacoco (Casey Haymon, Kayli O'Toole), 28.50 seconds; second place, Faith Training (Chris Willis, Abby Haymon), 43.31 seconds; third place, Hornbeck (Shane Hale, Shyla Holton), 43.44 seconds; fourth place, Evans (Austin Trosper, Katarina Haymon), 44.25 seconds; fifth place, Hicks (Levi Underwood, Rachel Smith), 58.31 seconds; sixth place, Simpson (Triston Rickel, Mackenzie Kelly), 89.63 seconds; seventh place, Leesville (Trevor Grady, Faith Toups), 124.88 seconds, and eighth place, Pitkin (Tyler Doyle, Peyton Perkins), 138.12 seconds.

Girl/girl log roll: First place, Anacoco (Colleen Reese, Kayli O'Toole), 30.72 seconds; second place, Evans (Katarina Haymon, Kaylee Robison (52.16 seconds); third place, Hicks (Rachel Smith, Karissa Boswell), 55.78 seconds; fourth place, Hornbeck (Shyla Holton, Lenzie Alexander (59.21 seconds); fifth place, Faith Training (Darby Kay, Shelby Jeane), 64.31 seconds; sixth place, Simpson (Mackenzie Kelly, Kaylee Basco), 65.84 seconds; seventh place, Pitkin (Megan Woods, Ashton Perkins), 71.50 seconds; and eighth place, Leesville (Jessica Burrell, Jenny Ely), 95.41 seconds.

Boy bow saw: First place, Austin Maricle, Pitkin, 7.41 seconds; second place, Brandon Smoot, Evans, 10.41 seconds; third place, Zac Sellers, Faith Training, 14.19 seconds; fourth place, Cory Underwood, Hicks, 16.59 seconds; fifth place, Duncan Williams, Hornbeck, 33.56 seconds; sixth place, Austin Williams, Anacoco, 36.40 seconds; seventh place, Thomas Merchant, Leesville, 49.59 seconds; and eighth place, Jacobie Cooper, Rosepine, 85.53 seconds.

Girls bow saw: First place, Kylee Cook, Evans, 18.31 seconds; second place, Tori Pelt, Pitkin, 19.60 seconds; third place, Shelby Jeane, Faith Training, 25.22 seconds; fourth place, Stormie Smith, Hicks, 46.57 seconds; fifth place, Tristan Harvey, Anacoco, 59.88 seconds; sixth place, Alyssa Driskell, Hornbeck, 87.22 seconds; and seventh place, Destiny Jones, no time.

Boys pulpwood toss: First place, Tristan Nichols, Anacoco, 4.50; second place, Chris Jenkins, Pitkin, 6.00; third place, Ty Williams, Hicks, 22.00; fourth place, Josh Clark, Rosepine, 22.50; fifth place, Colton Berzins, Pickering, 24.00; sixth place, Sean Swartz, Faith Training, 26.50; seventh place, Lee Williams, Hornbeck, 27.75; eighth place, Hunter Minion, Evans, 31.50; ninth place, Reese Morgan, Simpson, 34.50; and 10th place, Lane Alexander, Leesville, 35.50.

Girls pulpwood toss: First place, Bailey LeBato, Pickering, 15.00; second place, Tiffany Thompson, Pitkin, 16.50; third place, Chelsi Alexander, Leesville, 22.25; fourth place, Marlee Davis, Anacoco, 26.25, and Lauren Wellman, Hicks, 26.25; sixth place, Kaylee Robison, Evans, 27.00; seventh place, Abby Haymon, Faith Training, 45.50; eighth place, Heather Alexander, Hornbeck, 46.50; and ninth place, Brittany Counts, Simpson, 82.00.

Boys rope climb: First place, Colton Berzins, Pickering, 2.66 seconds; second place, Ryan Whitehurst, Faith Training, 2.71 seconds; third place, Roy Blackmon, Evans, 2.75 seconds; fourth place, Wyatt Williams, Simpson, 3.00 seconds; fifth place, Rhett Sigler, Hicks, 3.16 seconds; sixth place, Justin Gill, Anacoco, 3.47 seconds; seventh place, Jesse St. Clergy, Leesville, 4.03 seconds; eighth place, Trent Suydam, Pitkin, 4.41 seconds; ninth place, Matthew Ceballos, Hornbeck, 4.56 seconds; and 10th place, Rosepine, 4.66 seconds.

Girls rope climb: First place, Chelsea James, Pitkin, 4.59 seconds; second place, Analisa Camilin, Faith Training, 6.16 seconds; third place, Kacie Toney, Anacoco, 6.38 seconds; fourth place, Kaylee Bass, Evans, 8.22 seconds; fifth place, Kasci Toups, Leesville, 15.66 seconds; sixth place, Destiny Jones, Simpson, 26.88 seconds; seventh place, Alexis Hayes, Pickering, no time, and Cayla Roberts, Hornbeck, no time.

Boys match split: First place, Mikey Thacker, Hicks, 23 points; second place, Bowen Farquhar, Rosepine, 12 points; third place, Brandon Jones, Pickering, 4.5 points, and Nicholas Ortiz, Anacoco, 4.5 points; fifth place, Cale Parker, Simpson, 4 points, Logan Gonzalez, Evans, 4 points, and Grant Blackwell, Faith Training, 4 points; eighth place, Chandler Perkins, Pitkin, 3 points; ninth place, Tyler Remedies, Hornbeck, 2 points; and 10th place, Ryan LaFoe, Leesville, 1.5 points.

Girls match split: First place, Mary Kate Segura, Leesville, 12.5 points; second place, Bailey LeBato, Pickering, 9 points, and Ashton Perkins, Pitkin, 9 points; fourth place, Lindsey Alligood, Anacoco, 5 points; fifth place, Haleigh Perkins, Simpson, 4 points, Megan Martelle, Hornbeckk, 4 points, and Karissa Boswell, Hicks, 4 points; eighth place, Kylie Littleton, Evans, 3.5 points; and ninth place, Arline Ficarra, Faith Training, 3 points.

Leaf identification: Fist place, Peyton Arthur, Hornbeck, 34 points; second place, Chelsea Glaspie, Anacoco, 20 points; third place, Kaitlyn Willis, Faith Training, 12 points; fourth place, Hunter Minion, Evans, 11 points; fifth place, Emily Roberts, Hicks, 6 points; sixth place, Briar Green, Pickering, 4 points; seventh place, Coy Bailey, Rosepine, 1 point, Savanna Parker, Leesville, 1 point and Tyler Lacaze, Pitkin, 1 point.

Insect ID: First place, Nicole Phillips, Anacoco, 16 points; second place, Justine Hoppa, Evans, 10 points; third place, Sean Swartz, Faith Training, 6 points; fourth place, Michael Fowlkes, Pickering, 4 points, Ethan Gentry, Hornbeck, 4 points and Autumn Wingate, Pitkin, 4 points; seventh place, Emily Roberts, Hicks, 0 points, and Jennifer Le, Leesville, 0 points.

T-shirt design: First place, Hornbeck; second place, Hicks; third place, Evans; fourth place, Anacoco; and fifth place, Faith Training.