Brenda Copeland began singing in church when she was three years old.

Brenda Copeland began singing in church when she was three years old. She realized at a young age she said, that God has blessed her with the gift of song and communication. Not only does Copeland sing Gospel and original music, but she also speaks at women's conferences and churches around the world. Copeland will perform her new album 'Past to Present' this Friday, Oct. 5, at 7 p.m. at East Haven Church of God. “The album is a collection of 12 Southern Gospel songs,” she said. “There is also a brand new song on it that has never been released before.” Copeland says she enjoys making people laugh with comedy as well. But her life has not always been filled with laughter, there has also been many tears. “My husband is the pastor of East Haven Church of God,” she said. “God transformed our lives. Before we were saved we were doing drugs and alcohol and he was abusive. The saving power of God took away all that. And we have been married for 33 years now.” Copeland has experienced healing after healing, from a miraculous deliverance of breast cancer, to the deliverance of drugs and alcohol, and her music is heartfelt and resonates deep within. “Our success is not measured on how far we travel; our success is measured on the one heart who is touched by the song,” she said. The money raised from a love offering will go to benefit a pastor and his family whose house and all belongings were destroyed during Hurricane Isaac. For more information call Brenda Copeland at 985.373.1248.