Two of the Sterlington Panthers' key seniors, quarterback Taylor Lockwood and right tackle/defensive end Jared Powell discussed the upcoming season prior to practice earlier this week:

NOWN: How did you spend your summer?

Taylor Lockwood: I played baseball for Ark-La-Tex Marucci. We made it past pool play in the World Series, but got beat out in the first game by a team from Georgia.

Jared Powell: I worked at R&S Supply in Bastrop. I helped with some sandblasting, and basically did whatever they needed me to do.

NOWN: What are the Panthers' keys to success this season?

Lockwood: Offensively, we have to get the triple option down.

Powell: We have to give the skill people room to run the football. We have enough speed to run with any team we play this year if we block for them.

NOWN: What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of preseason camp?

Lockwood: I really don't have a least favorite part. As for my favorite part, they've been letting me play free safety. I haven't played defense since my freshman year against Oak Grove.

Powell: My favorite part is getting out on the field and finally getting to hit somebody. My least favorite part is doing agility conditioning during two-a-days.

NOWN: What class are you most look forward to this year?

Lockwood: I'm looking forward to calculus and physics. Mrs. (Maggie) Acree has been my math teacher since the eighth grade and I always like her class. I like my physics teacher (coach David Janssen) and the projects we'll be doing.

Powell: I'm looking forward to physics with coach Janssen. I'm looking forward to some of the projects we'll have in his class.

NOWN: Which game are you most looking forward to?

Lockwood: OCS is always a rivalry game and it will be the first game on our new field.

Powell: I'm looking forward to playing OCS because it's the first game on our new turf and we owe them some payback for last year.

NOWN: What do you hope to accomplish your senior year?

Lockwood: I want to have a winning record in football and baseball and maintain a 4.0 average. Hopefully, I'll get a baseball scholarship somewhere.

Powell: I want to go deep into the playoffs in football.