Defensive tackle Isaac Brown, wide receiver Jay Wilson, right tackle Chandler Flowers and rover/outside linebacker William Fields have been chosen as Bastrop High's team captains for the upcoming season.

Earlier this week, the four senior captains discussed the upcoming season:

BDE: How did you spend your summer?

Isaac Brown: I spent most of my summer up here, lifting and working out.

I worked at Granny's as a bus boy for part of the summer and I took a little vacation to Biloxi last weekend.

Jay Wilson: I spent a lot of time out here, lifting, running and working hard every day.

After workouts and on weekends, I spent my summer going to rodeos and training horses.

BDE: What are the Rams' keys to success this season?

Chandler Flowers: Offensively, we have to play fast. As soon as the referee puts the ball down, we have to be ready to play. We have to be able to wear the defense out.

William Fields: We have to play as a team, work hard and be able to communicate when we're on the field. And, we have to be coachable.

Brown: We have to stay focused and play hard. It's all about everybody being committed.

BDE: Do you feel any added responsibility as a team captain?

Brown: It's a lot on my shoulders, but it's also an honor. Being singled out by the coaching staff as a key player on the team and someone who has worked hard over the last four years, that's big.

Being a captain involves more than going out there for the coin toss before every game. As a senior and a captain, I have to help set the tone for this team by working hard and doing things the right way.

Flowers: I feel like I have to be a step ahead of last year. As a captain, people are looking up to me and I have to set a positive example.

BDE: What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of preseason camp?

Wilson: My favorite part is to go out on the field, run routes, make big plays and draw a perfect picture for the defense to help them get better.

My least favorite part is running and doing conditioning at the end of practice.

Fields: My favorite part is hitting. I've been working out all summer, without being able to hit anybody.

My least favorite part is the heat.

BDE: What game are you most looking forward to?

Wilson: I'm looking forward to all of our games, but the two games I am looking forward to the most are West
Monroe and Neville. I like playing against teams that are going to make me work.

Flowers: Neville and West Monroe. I'm looking forward to the challenge. We get a chance to go to their home fields and redeem ourselves.

BDE: What do you hope to accomplish during your senior year?

Wilson: My team goal is to help the team have an undefeated record and for us to accomplish things as one big family. I want us to play together as a team instead of one individual.

My individual goal is to get a college scholarship.

Fields: I want to win a championship and help Bastrop get back on top my senior year.