It's not often that police patrols in Sterlington get involved in a high-speed chase.


It's not often that police patrols in Sterlington get involved in a high-speed chase.


But that's precisely what took place recently in the midnight hour.


On July 19 Sterlington police and the Ouachita Parish police department apprehended Quaterrius D. Browhow for speeding with an outstanding warrant in the fourth district for simple burglary.


Barry Bonner, Sterlington police chief, said the chase was a reminder of the type of criminals that drive through the town.


“High speed chases have happened in the past down 165 and I am sure it will happen again,” he said. 


At 2:45 a.m. officer Daniel Smith from the Sterlington police department was on patrol when he observed a vehicle speeding down highway 134 headed north. 


When Smith initiated to pull over the suspect, the driver turned around in the median and headed south down highway 165, toward Monroe. 


The chase ensued for about 15 miles. By then, the Ouachita Parish Police department had joined in. The suspects' tire blew out and the vehicle crashed. The driver then exited the vehicle and Smith was able to apprehend him on foot, along with the help of O.P.S.O. deputies.


It was later discovered the vehicle was stolen.


Browhow, 21, of 322 Woodale Drive, Monroe, was booked in O.C.C. for speeding, aggravated flight from an officer, possession of stolen items and a simple burglary warrant. Bond was set at $100,000.


Bonner said Smith handled himself perfectly and the department is amply prepared for anything that will happen in the future.


“Our officers are well-trained and are able to handle the situation,” he said. “The officer on the chase handled himself real well during the apprehension. I watched the video and he handled himself perfectly.”