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  • High school readies for new year

  • Students are prepping for school and freshmen and seniors can have a difficult time adjusting to the changes.

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  • Students are prepping for school and freshmen and seniors can have a difficult time adjusting to the changes.
    “Seniors seem to get spring fever,” Rebecca Cox, SHS counselor said. “They are ready to go, excited at the beginning of the year. Then comes mid-term and it is hard for them.
    “All seniors have to meet with me to discuss TOPS, ACT, grad requirements, schedules or anything they have questions about,” she said. “And their parents are more than welcome to come too.”
    The state and TOPS is requiring more time from seniors now, but this can have advantages as well, said Tracy Risser, SHS teacher.
    “There is the dual enrollment program offered now through ULM,” Risser said. “Since the seniors have to take more classes now, they can always get ahead and take some freshmen college courses.”
    Risser said there are seven courses offered through the dual enrollment program, but students must meet the required 3.0 g.p.a. and have a minimum score of 18 in English and 19 in math on the ACT.
    As for freshmen, Cox said most have it easier this school year because they will already know their way around the high school.
    “This group of ninth graders we have now will have an easier time,” she said. “They were here in seventh grade because the middle school was here then. Now they will be back in their old building again.”
    Cox said the largest problem she has seen with freshmen is the lack of organizational skills.
    “I have seen this with freshmen and seventh graders,” she said.
    Risser said the first day of school is a half-day for ninth and tenth graders, and unlike middle school, not all students will be taking the same classes, therefore there are no school supply lists until after the first day.
    “High school is just different because they have more freedom,” she said. “They have the ability to start tracking and preparing more for the future than ever before.”
    Cox said freshmen orientation and parent night will be held soon, but the date is undecided.
    “All incoming freshmen will get a postcard in the mail as for the date,” she said.
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