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  • Stay Brady Stay, Exposing Louisiana’s ‘brain drain’ problem

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  • “Brain drain” is the rapid loss of a state’s intellectual capital. This happens when young, college educated citizens emigrate at a faster rate than the state can attract new residents. As a result, the state pays a considerable cost at state universities for students to earn college degrees, but instead of staying in Louisiana after graduating to add to the local economy and pay taxes, these students leave the state. This is a cycle that cannot be supported indefinitely.
    The new documentary feature ‘Stay Brady Stay’ exposes Louisiana’s brain drain problem. It addresses these issues by looking at the experience of an individual student at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Brady must weigh all of the factors that would encourage him to stay or leave as he is nearing his graduation date. Wanting to be a teacher, his decision is between moving to Texas for more money or staying in Northeast Louisiana to be with family and friends and help the needy students of his home state.
    The ‘Stay Brady Stay’ documentary was produced by John Sutherlin, PhD., the Co-Director of ULM’s Social Science Research Lab (SSRL). The film was funded by a University of Louisiana System grant. The documentary has recently been picked up by Louisiana’s Public Broadcasting Station, where it will air for three years. 
    Through this film, Dr. Sutherlin wanted to spread the knowledge of brain drain to the community. The Morehouse Parish Library and The Visitors Center will have the film ‘Stay Brady Stay’, and Dr. Sutherlin will discuss Louisiana-educated graduates working in other states at 6 p.m. Monday, March 8. The program is free to the public and refreshments will be served.  
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