An eight month long federal investigation ended Friday night with the arrest of Riley Danzler and several Morehouse Parish residents. 

The Louisiana State Police stopped Danzler in Ouachita Parish as he has en route to Morehouse Parish on a drug run from Texas. As soon as Danzler was stopped, search warrants were executed on six residents and a shop in Morehouse Parish and a residence in Ouachita parish. 

During the traffic stop, officers searched the vehicle, finding  three and a half pounds of crack cocaine and a pound of cocaine. Danzler was transported to the LSP office and then to the Ouachita Correctional Center, where he was booked on charges of possession with intent to distribute over 400 grams of cocaine, possession of schedule I (ecstacy), conspiracy to distribute cocaine and possession of a firearm in the presence of controlled dangerous substance. 

Officers from the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office, the Bastrop Police Dept., the Monroe Police Dept., the West Monroe Police Dept and the La. State Police converged on homes at 9156 Redwood, 822 Todd, 1423 Rosena, 812 Collins, 10351 Oklahoma and a shop leased to Leonard Moore at 1002 Pruitt. Officers also executed a search warrant at 26 Karen St. in Monroe. On Redwood, Anthony M. Glosson and Michael Glosson were placed under arrest and a search revealed $10,000 in cash inside the residence. Two vehicles, a Ford Expedition and a Ford Mustang, and a boat were seized, as was the cash.

At the Oklahoma Street residence, Moore was arrested on four warrants for distribution of cocaine, two warrants for conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine, and a warrant for conspiracy to distribute cocaine. A search of the residence revealed 17 grams of marijuana, 11 grams of cocaine and schedule III narcotics. Approximately $3500 cash was also found. Moore was then charged with possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine, possession with intent to distribute schedule I narcotics and possession with intent to distribute schedule III narcotics.

At the Collins address, a Chevrolet Caprice was seized and at the Karen Street, Monroe address, a Yukon Denali was seized.

Arrested, along with the Glossons, Moore and Danzler were Cortavius Haynes, 1507 Van Ave., for possession with intent to distribute marijuana and introducing contraband into a penal institution; Christopher Butler, 420 Sunflower for possession of marijuana; Troydarius Jackson for possession of marijuana; Tony Brooks, 540 Ogden for possession of marijuana; David Lee Jr. for possession of marijuana; and George Lee Burrell, Garden Dr. Apt. 7 for distribution of crack cocaine (warrant) and conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine (warrant). 

Bastrop Police Chief Downey Black and Morehouse Parish Sheriff Mike Tubbs were both pleased with the results of the multi-agency team.

“These arrests put a big dent in the drugs coming into Bastrop, Morehouse Parish and the northern part of the state,” said Black. “And it was all made possible by the coordinated efforts of all the departments involved. Everything went very smooth, which is a testament of the training of the professionals involved.”

Tubbs agreed, “I am extremely pleased with the way the officers handled the situation and how well everything happened. Everything was well organized and these officers are to be commended to their dedication to stopping drug trafficking not only in Morehouse but also in all of North Louisiana.”