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  • Recall effort official against Olive

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  • Bastrop resident Rose Thompson is leading a recall effort against Mayor Betty Alford-Olive.
    As one of Olive’s main supporters during the election, Thompson said she was very disappointed in the way Olive runs the city.
    Thompson says the mayor is not running the city; she said Willie McKee is in essence the person everyone answers to. McKee, who retired from the Bastrop Fire Department, came back on board at the city several years ago as then Mayor Clarence Hawkins' director of public works.
    A letter from the Secretary of State’s office was received by the Morehouse Parish Clerk of Court’s Office and the Registrar’s Office on Nov. 24 stating the recall petition had been received by the SOS on Nov. 23. Thompson was named as the chairman of the committee to recall Olive, with John H. Ware named as vice-chairman.
    The committee will have 180 days (six months) to collect 33.3 percent of the total voter’s signatures before a recall election can be held. These signatures must be confirmed with the Registrar’s office.
    There are 7,720 registered voters within the city limits; 33.3 percent of that is 2,547.
    Mayor Olive says she is not focusing on the recall but on the city.
    “My job as mayor is to make sure this city is being productive, that we are moving in a positive direction,” said Olive. “So I am channeling my energy toward that.
    “I recognize everyone has a right to freedom of speech, but my job is to be the mayor for everybody, not just a certain few. Every decision I make is tested against what is in the best interest of the city.”
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